March 30, 2007

Full of Him!

We had a prayer night at the church this evening for the Easter services. Pastor Steve asked us to write down what we were thankful God has changed us since we crossed the bridge (accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour...he is the bridge), anyways, I really thought hard about this, and I am in total amazement of how He has completely transformed my life. I am a completely different person than I used to be and it is all because of His grace and kindness. I stand in awe of who He is. Isn't it amazing how powerful our God is it that people still reject Him?
This weekend we are singing Only You, I just love this song. The lyrics have been weighing heavily on my heart this week and tonight I understood why.......

Only You can fill my deepest longing
Only You can breathe in me new life
Only you can fill my heart with laughter
Only you can answer my heart's cry
For so many years, I was yearning for something, searching everywhere for it....I kept trying to "fix it" with things of this fixes, people pleasing, getting lost in the party scene, etc.....and then I ran smack dab into my Maker, my Heavenly Father.....He filled my deepest longing.....He put the breath of life into me, and I no longer have to yearn, for something to make me feel full...because I am full...full of Him! (it's better than what I used to be full of ! :) Each year I pray that God will show me something new for the Easter season, that I would see the passion in a whole new way, gain new understanding and perspective, and tonight...God showed me where He wants my focus. I am to focus on His power, and what embracing His power means for people's lives. He has pushed my passion buttons and now I am on fire for the services. Praise you Lord for you are Holy, Praise you Lord for you are Mighty, Praise you Lord for you are YOU!, and Praise you Lord for you are Powerful, transformational, beautiful. I praise you Lord for filling me with YOU!

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  1. I am so proud of where you have come in your walk with Jesus! He definitely answered my prayer for you and more ... MUCH more! Love, Mom