March 29, 2007

Giving thanks for treadmills!

God is oh so good! I still am in total shock that Paul and I have been able to manage keeping me home with Gracey. It's funny how if you trust Him, He will provide......even the material things. What a blessing to be able to share in Gracey's early days.....she is growing so fast and I cannot imagine leaving her to go to work. Besides, being a mom is tough work. Man, I have never worked so hard in my life......and to think that I thought I was going to be bored! My perspective was a bit whacked!
Speaking of Gracey, I have been working really hard to get the extra weight off that just happened to stick to my hips while God was creating her. :) Anyways, I have never been one that likes to work out.....I can't stand sweating......I totally dislike breathing hard.....and overheating is just the greatest....enough said? The only thing that ever got me to work out before was buying the cute workout outfits and new shoes (i some of you....but very true from my shopaholic days!) I have been using a whole new approach recently....and I have been successful.....get this.... I have been relying on God's strength to help me! It is amazing how He has totally put a desire in me to walk....and recently, start running, on my treadmill. I actually have been excited to do it. God is so Good! He says that we don't have because we don't ask....well I asked for a help working out, and I have recieved a strong desire to do just that.... directly from Him. Thank you God, thank you! Peace Out

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