July 30, 2012

He is the LIGHT

"If you are walking in darkness without a ray of light, trust in the LORD, and rely on your God". Isaiah 50:10b

If you cannot see in front of you, if you cannot see what the future brings, you can't guess how your relationship issues, your work issue, your job situation, your health situation will work out, if there is not a clear way to go.....then trust in the LORD and rely on your God.  I'm preaching to myself here.  I am a planner. I like to know how a situation might work out, it makes me feel safe and helps me to determine next steps. But, sometimes, God intentionally doesn't allow us to see, doesn't give us glimpses, He allows us to be in the darkness, without a ray of light on the situation.  So. We search everywhere for a flashlight, we survey the situation, we often prepare for the worst, we plan as if we know what will happen....instead of Trusting in the LORD and relying on our God.  The fact is that we love to be in control, with the lights on at all times.  We like to rely on ourselves.  Sure, we pray to God, we worship Him, we sing songs about Him...but, when push comes to shove, many of us don't trust Him. It's a very subtle distrust, one that creeps in slowly and we can't see it as we are stumbling around for the light switch.  Its silliness when the truth is that God is right there, He is our ray of light for He is Sovereign and He can see the outcome of every situation, every relationship, every hardship. He's the light switch we are searching for. We can be sure of every step if we are planted in and relying on Him.

I needed this gentle reminder this morning.  A reminder to "be still, and know that He is God", a reminder that He is Sovereign, that He is the LIGHT of the world.  I choose today to trust on the Lord and rely on my God, when there is not a ray of light on my situation....and somehow, there is such peace in that.  Are you trusting in the Lord and relying on God? Or, are you frantically searching for the light switch?

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