March 9, 2011

Choose Praise

"This is my prayer in the desert, when all that's within me feels dry"

My heart has been singing Hillsong's, Desert Song, for about a month now. I have been in a season where all feels dry, where it seems that God has been silent..yet I see Him moving all around me. In seasons like these, I am so often tempted to believe that I have been abandoned, that I have done something wrong to make God want to remove His presence from me, and then I can be tempted to withdraw from prayer with an attitude that says, "He's not listening anyways."

However, I have a choice to make. I can either listen to my feelings, and give into them, or I can press into these growing pains, press into God's heart despite these feelings, and choose to trust completely in God's word that says that HE WILL NEVER ABANDON OR FORSAKE ME.

PRAISE It is a choice. , an act of my will lining up with God's will, and a strong weapon against the enemy who seeks to divide us from Christ. I am CHOOSING PRAISE today over sitting in my "feelings". After all, my feelings don't get me anywhere but depressed and wandering..but PRAISE gets me to focus on the truth and keeps my feet firmly planted.

What are you choosing today? What do you need to choose?


  1. I have been wallowing in a bad attitude lately. I was just talking to my husband today about how I need to choose to have a good attitude for the situation I'm in and not allow my flesh to rule my behavior. I love that song...I think a little worship would help with my attitude. :)

  2. Melissa,
    Isn't that so true how often we allow our flesh to rule our behavior?! I always think of worship as a vessel to get my flesh to line up with the truth of who God is, the truth of HIs sovereignty, His majesty, & His beauty.
    Thanks for sharing!