March 27, 2010

Wanting to satisfy the crowd....

It's Easter time.

Every year I ask the Lord to pierce my heart in a brand new way with the Easter story, that I would taste it each year in such a deep way that it would be like the first time I have heard it. ASK...& YOU WILL RECEIVE.

This year He is stirring up several things in my heart...which I will share throughout the week...but the first is this...see if you catch it.

In Mark 15 we find that Jesus is being accused by the chief priests & the crowd of many things. After an attempt at interrogation, with Jesus not making any replies to defend himself, Pilate is amazed, and it says that he could find no wrong in wrong committed. He even asks the crowd "Why?" (should I crucify Him), "What crime has He committed?" (Mark 15:14)


"Wanting to satisfy the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas to them. He had Jesus flogged, and handed HIm over to be crucified. "

Wanting to satisfy the crowd, Sunny, handed Jesus over to be flogged & crucified. Pilate's sin of people-pleasing is one I am very familiar with. I can see myself in the eyes of Pilate...because I can imagine the inner turmoil he is in at this crucial moment.....knowing what is right (he could find no fault in Jesus), yet hearing the crowd shout LOUDER & LOUDER until he feels like he has no other decision but to give into them ( I imagine him thinking, "what will they think of me if I don't do what they expect? Will they still receive me? Will I be rejected, abandoned, left alone, hated?) and so .....He hands our Messiah over to death. I want to say that I wouldn't have done such a thing...but my heart knows better...I nailed Him to that cross....

and He said

I was worth every nail. ....and so were you... My sin hammered Him into that cross...and my precious Savior looked into my eyes and said, "I delight in you, my precious child" ....I placed that crown of thorns onto His head...and He said "You have my forgiveness, and all I have for you is love, love, and more love" . In my fear of rejection, my deep-rooted insecurity, & wanting to please the crowd...and Jesus said.."You are accepted, and I will never abandon you."

Wanting to please JESUS, I laid my insecurities, my fears of rejection, my pride, and my many sins at the foot of the cross tonight......and my Beautiful Jesus...touched me on the head with His nail-pierced hands and said.."Forgiven....It is done"

What do you need to lay at the foot of the cross this Easter?


  1. Thanks Sunny for this, I am just going over the songs we have planned for this I am going to pray your prayer that He will pierce my heart x x

  2. Wow - excellent thank you.