January 12, 2010


Sometimes we pray fervently that God will bring someone to spark change.
Sometimes we pray that "whoever" He sends will be strongly connected to Him and will see what needs to change in the circumstances.
Sometimes we pray for someone to come and repair brokenness, to give us strength to heal.
Sometimes we think that if the other person would change then we'd be just fine.
Sometimes we beg God to do that change in others'

Yet.... SOMETIMES God wants us to change...not the other person
SOMETIMES He wants to use "us" to spark the change
SOMETIMES He speaks thru donkeys (like me:))
SOMETIMES He uses the weak to shame the strong ALL times God is constant, yet can spark change in us, a deep transformation....
at ALL times He is Sovereign and can see what we REALLY need.
at All times He can repair our brokenness
at ALL times He can give us strength
at ALL times He can bring healing

Father, I praise you for your Sovereignty. I praise you for your perfect will, knowing it is good, because You are good. There is none like you. Thank you that when that SOMETIME can strengthen us to do Your work, You will equip us, and Father will guide us!

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