February 3, 2009

I see My FATHER in my Husband

I am watching my daughter singing and dancing as I type this post. She is filled with joy by knowing that her daddy is watching her and that he keeps telling her how beautiful she which she keeps responding "no..goorgus"...(gorgeous). Every day the Lord blesses me with moments like these, moments where I see a wonderful man be an incredible father to our precious child. I am so thankful that in the midst of walking through forgiving my dad that I am able to see Father in my husband. I know that sounds crazy, but since my dad wasn't around, sometimes it has been difficult to imagine sitting in my ABBA's lap, crying at His feet when I hurt, and allowing Him to comfort me. As I watch my husband with Gracey, I am blessed and somehow it has helped me to experience those moments with my FATHER, I am able to relax in His arms. I see my husband's eyes light up with joy as he holds Gracey, and I know that my Jesus lights up when He holds and comforts me. I'm Thankful...just plain ol' thankful!

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