July 25, 2008

One expensive teddy bear

Gracey got a new teddy bear tonight...the only problem is that it may have cost up to $1000! I bet you are wondering where she got this sweet little teddy bear, perhaps an auction? perhaps some sweet little old lady gave her one from her antique collection? or maybe she stole it and the shoplifting fines will be up to $1000? Nope...poor little sweetie had her first emergency room visit tonight. We were having so much fun at the Minden park music night, and Gracey was swingin in Daddy's arms. Her daddy swung her up into my lap, and it happened...her little arm was dislocated! I felt so bad, she just kept holding it limp and crying when she moved...but I felt even worse when I saw the look in her daddy's eyes...welling up with tears...and feeling awful for what happened. We got to the ER and got in right away (yeah!) and Gracey was so brave with big crocodile tears running down her face. The doctor explained how often this happens to kids, and he knew right away it was dislocated, but wanted to x-ray just to be safe before he put it back in place (which he explained would be SUPER painful for her). Paul and I had to hold our precious baby down while her arm was x-rayed, and once we got to the third position I was praying into her little ear, and singing to try to calm her...there was a pop! And before we walked out of the x-ray room, Gracey was smiling and flirting and waving goodbye. So...we went in to the ER, and Paul and I fixed it...not the funny! But, Gracey did get a wonderful little teddy bear and she left with a huge grin. What a night!

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  1. Something similar happened to my daughter when she was about 3yo. I had the phone to my ear with one hand, and physically picked her up with one of her hands to move her from one spot to another (because she wouldn't do it when I asked). I did not jerk on her, and I wasn't angry when I did it, I just simply picked her up by the forearm and moved her to the other side of me. She cried and cried, saying her arm hurt. I felt terrible! I decided to take her to the ER - by the time we got in to see the doctor, she was basically fine. He called it "nursemaid elbow" - according to "it's a condition in which a child's elbow bones get partially pulled out of joint and do not line up normally. The injury can occur innocently from swinging a young child by the arms or pulling a child's arm while in a hurry." Not quite as extreme as what happened to Gracey, but probably near as painful (and just as scary). I'll tell you what, I never did that again to either one of my kids!!!

    I'm glad Gracey is (and her parents) are okay :)