June 3, 2008

In His Wings, I Know I Matter

This week I had an amazing moment with God. I was driving home on Sunday night and I suddenly felt overwhelmed, to the point that I began sobbing. I pulled my van over into a parking lot that faced the mountains, and cried before God, begging him to embrace me. I am a "feeler" and I constantly have to remember that my relationship with God is not based on a feeling, but on the truth of His word. There are moments where I desperatly need to be embraced by my Father, where I feel an overwhelming need to "feel" his love, and that is where I was on Sunday.

I cried out to God "Please draw near to me, rip of my masks, rip off my pride, I want to be bare before you Lord, dig into the trenches of my heart and purify me from within, embrace me, I need to feel your embrace Father, I want to sit in your lap and breath you in" In that moment I felt God say to me, "I have you in my arms, you are in the shadows of my wings" and I kid you that moment I looked up and saw the most beautiful sight, I saw an eagle soaring high in the sky and the sun was setting under its wing.

Funny, but somehow in that moment, I knew how much I mattered to God. I knew that I was in the shadow of His wings, and that He had just embraced me through the beauty of His creation. I am curious to know about times that God has embraced you? When was the last time that you allowed Him to embrace you through His creation?


  1. Very cool!!! I can relate. One time I was driving down the mountain from Tahoe - crying, begging God to show me a visible sign that He was in charge - that he was taking care of us. As I rounded the corner - there was the most beautiful, vibrant rainbow I'd ever seen. the glow from it literally lit up the valley - and for the first time in my life I could see the rainbow end - right in the middle of Carson Valley. Even my kids were astounded by the magnitude of it. God heard my prayer and blessed me with an opportunity to see, with my own eyes, evidence of His glory and faithfulness!

  2. Just a couple weeks agon on the way home from worship practice I had a totally similar experience. Sobbing and praying and crying out to God, to then look to my right and see the beautiful mountains reflecting the glow of the moon... Such beauty that He was embracing me with. Thanks for sharing your experience- It's nice to know we're not alone! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing ladies. I am refreshed and renewed when I hear stories of how God touches lives. He is a living, breathing being, and is very involved in our lives, if we will just stop and watch, stop and listen.