May 5, 2008

We'll Never Be Sidewalk Junk

So, I went yard-sale-ing on Saturday with the fam and I must say it was a spiritual experience. I know what you're thinking (that I must be crazy, and that I am), but truthfully God speaks to us in our every day experiences if we are listening. As I went house to house, I was amazed at the junk that we humans collect...and I knew that I had a garage full of junk waiting to be poured on my sidewalk for sale. The truth is that we always are looking for more "stuff" to fill our lives with, but ultimately we get bored with it, we trade it in for bigger and better models, we just change our minds with seasons.Ultimately our precious items end up on the sidewalk as junk for someone else to treasure. All this got me thinking about God and His unchanging character and the fact that He sees us as precious treasure and that He will never change His mind about us, He will never upgrade for a better model, and He will never set you out as junk on His sidewalk....never. God's love is the same for us yesterday, today, and forever, and He doesn't change! Isn't that great! I love that we can be rest assured that we have the firm foundation of Christ to stand upon in our changing world.

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