May 5, 2008

Date night

My hubby and I had a date night! Yes! i can't even remember the last time we went out without our darling Gracey. We were amazed tonight at the fact that she is now 17months old, and we have taken 3 date nights....yowza...that's not good. Yet, God calls us to prioritize our marriage next to Him. Well, not only was it a wonderful evening, but God convicted us too. We realized tonight just how much we miss dating each other, without kids, and without other friends...just the two of us. God wants us to spend more time with Him, and also more time with each other. The good news is that we have "scheduled" date nights once a month and already tackled finding a sitter! YES!! I know it seems pathetic that we are only scheduling once a month, but we are also going to be more intentional about dating after Gracey goes to bed, like playing cards, reading books together, etc...instead of doing our own things in the evenings. So, tell me, are you dating your spouse, or has life become really crazy busy? Have your children become more important than your honey? Has your job or your ministry become more important than wooing your man/woman? talk to me people...


  1. We hardly ever left the kids when they were young, but because of the ages of our kids now, "date night" is pretty common for us. We don't really plan it, which is kinda fun. The kids will just both happen to have plans (sometimes even overnight) and we find ourselves kidless! So, we do something fun! It's actually more of a challenge to do out of the ordinary, fun things with the entire family now because of the girls' schedules, but we're trying hard to keep that a priority too.

  2. it's encouraging to know that date nights become more regular as kids grow up....thanks Tina

  3. I think we're in your boat. We tried to do one date last month and, although we were kid free, we didn't have enough time to really enjoy each other. I think we're working really hard on making time for each other but it is still a work in progress.