April 25, 2008

Youth Sparklers

Zechariah 9:16 The Lord God will save them on that day as the flock of His people. They will sparkle in His land like jewels in a crown."

You should have seen our youth sparkle tonight. As I sat in the audience at the fashion show outreach at CVC tonight, I had to fight back tears as I watched our youth embrace who God has created them to be. i remember when I was a teenager, man I was so unsure of myself, had such low self-esteem, was totally afraid to be myself, felt entirely too ugly to be called "beautiful", etc. I wish I would've been a part of such an amazing group when I was that age. The youth at our church have been learning that they are a masterpiece of the Creator, that they are beautiful because He created them, not because they are clone of what's "popular". I saw some teens that stepped out in the confidence that comes from knowing Christ tonight, and I was beaming. They sparkled like jewels in the King's crown. Lives were impacted tonight. i watched a teenage girl that sat in front of me, start the evening irritated that her dad had made her attend. As she watched student after student speak, sing, dance, laugh, and then take the runway with confidence, her demeanor changed drastically.I could tell that God was stirring excitement up in her soul. By the end of the show, i heard her whisper to her dad "thanks for bringing me, i really liked it!" Her dad looked like he wanted to cry out in thanks to God our King. Heck, I wanted to cry out in thanks to God! What an awesome evening, a total "yeah God" experience for what He is doing in the youth here in the valley!

show-stopping moments tonight
*my husband's small group dancing to Thriller
*beautiful teenage girl singing "Only Hope" by Mandy Moore
*another beauty singing "Who Am I"
*high school boys doing an Nsync routine(although, they are probably too young to really know nsync)
*and THE MOMENT of the night, my 16month old baby walking the runway with her daddy, and glowing in the spotlight! She already loves the stage!

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