March 25, 2008

Random but angel may have died

So, I have a tendency to be known for playing pranks and tricks on people, but I swear to you that what I am about to tell you is the truth.....

I am leaving Target on Good Friday, rifling through my purse and talking on my cell phone, and WHAM! I got hit by a car (not too hard, just the bumper). I didn't really get hurt, just a ginormous bruise on my leg, but more than anything, it scared the pants off me.

I dropped my phone and my purse, and then picked my phone back up and said to my husband, "Sorry, I just got hit by a car". To which he responded, "Yeah right, and went on talking".....then, I told him, "I am serious, I just got hit by a car., to which he responded, "Funny joke, c'mon"....then he heard the guy who hit me husband then said.."oh my goodnes, you got hit by a car!"

I told ya so....anyways, what a random moment, an angel must have died protecting me!