February 3, 2008

What a day!

7:30am woke up to get ready for 8:45am call time...snow all over! BOOHOO! made the decision to let my children sleep because generally they stay with Daddy on Sundays.

8:25am....uh-oh, Daddy's sick! I wake, dress, and pack breakfast for my three children, and throw them all into the van to make it to my call time!

Fast forward to my next rehearsal scheduled at 12:15

12:00pm uh oh--forgot to pack lunches for kids, find babysitter, zoom out of church parking lot in attempt to collect food for my hungry children, driving as quickly as I possibly can on snow

12:10, steep driveway, covered in snow, so I attempt to shovel before I drive up it....key word here is attempt...fall down...give up...head back to church to get kids (plans changed)

12:30, steep driveway..still covered in snow, and I got the van stuck in the street/driveway..with three kids in the van.

Unload kids from van, trip on way in....head back outside to shovel remainder of driveway. Now it gets good...I am extremely overwhelmed, start attempting to dig van out of road...crying, and repeatedly falling! Can you imagine seeing me...I was a total mess, shoveling, crying, spinning the tires in my van, still stuck, still crying, still shoveling...finally out! Did I mention I pulled a muscle in my back?

But...the good news is that God is still God, and He still loves me...what a day!