September 7, 2007

Walking with My Savior...or kinda.

Ever feel like God is pressing you forward but you are physically dragging your feet? This has been the story of my life for about a month now. God has continued pushing me further and further outside my comfort zone, stretching me, growing me, and all the while, loving me. For whatever reason, even though I know HIS will is what is best....I drag my heels as if I know better. GO figure. The fact is that God is pressing me into some very uncomfortable situations. In the storms of life are where our lessons lie. Have you realized that yet? Have you realized that your pain is what God uses to minister to you, to guide your soul, to squeeze your heart? Or, are you throwing fits as you go through pain....saying, "God...this is not what I signed up for?"In my pain, I am hearing His still, quiet voice....whispering I am Here. Last night, as I lie on the floor crying out to my Savior...I heard Him saying

Don't you know I 'm there
Can't you feel me Here?
I'm in the air your breathe
And I'm always in your dreams.....just close your eyes...I'm here.

My savior, My God! He is in the air we breathe. He is in the midst of our circumstances. He is fully capable of handling all our "stuff" on His own. He doesn't need our help. Nope...not at all. So, what I am learning is to lift up my heels and walk alongside God, instead of draggin my heels as He pushes me. ANd let me tell you, walking with my Savior is Magical


  1. Sunny...yes , yes , yes! Letting go and letting God is worth any amount of pain. Love you! Cindy

  2. It's when I am so very low, and at the end of my rope that I finally let go.. I wish it didn't always have to go that far for me to stop holding so tightly to everything. It's so amazing though to make that decision to really hand things over to Him. What a relief, and feeling of warmth and love! I tell you what, it makes a lot of sense to trust God with my life instead of myself. I can really mess things up!! Like you said, it doesn't mean we won't have hard times, but there's a reason behind all of it.. and in the meantime, I'm here for ya girl!