September 5, 2007


Well, I am back from Washington. It was a pretty fun trip, but exhausting. Probably not as exhausting as moving (poor Paul) . The wedding was absolutely perfect. My friend Brynn looked stunning, actually she looked like a Vogue model. They got married at the Cascade Gardens in Washington, which was a breath-taking scene...let me tell you. The bridesmaids spent the entire day primping, and having fun together......we even had fake eyelashes put on for the occasion. I was skeptical, but it really did make a huge difference in the pictures. I am now going to start wearing "fakes" on an everyday basis! (joking).

I am without internet right now because of moving...until friday UGGGGHHH!!! So, until then...have a great week.


  1. Sunny,
    It's good to have you back! I'm glad you had a good time in Washington.

    Your husband did a great job teaching last night, everyone in my group commented on how something he said affected them.

    By the way, my blog that I mentioned last night is

    Love you!

  2. Post some pictures! I'd love to see the fake eyelashes! :-)