September 18, 2007


Well, I officially started work this's off to an awesome start. I am really enjoying it, but I must admit it has been an extremely hectic week and it's only Tuesday. I am listing the recipe for hecticality (I know...I made that word up!) means...if you crave hectic weeks you want hecticality in your life, whatever, on with the recipe.

RECIPE 4 EXtreme HECTicality
Select a one-week time frame and within that week add the following.

#1. Start a new job (for more intense hecticality...take off 9months prior to starting this week time frame, caring for an infant..if you don't have one, try to get one...for hecticality sake..this way your life does a 360)

#2. Find childcare for that precious infant (for more intense hecticality, move to an area prior to starting this week time frame, in which you have no family residing in) the way you can't just drop her off at a local daycare, you need someone with God in their heart and their home, trustworthy, preferably someone you have witnessed in action with her children and can attest to her amazing mothering skills....oh, by the way...she has to say YES...or you can't drop your baby off, even if you want to.

#3. So, now you are a career man or woman (you do love your job).....with childcare...(which you are extremely pleased with), but you now must send your spouse on a business trip for the entire week. This hecticality step helps you to appreciate what single parents go through on a daily basis. (for more intensified hecticality, send your husband out of the country, where he will undergo major issues with his passport, and cannot guarantee until the week's completion as to whether he will get back into the country).

The following steps are only for advanced hecticality seekers!! Proceed with caution.....

#4. Schedule yourself a conference for the weekend. (for more intensity, save your laundry for a week, in a house that you have just moved in to, so you cannot locate your suitcase anyways, even if your clothes were clean for the trip). Also, please note that you will need to leave five hours prior to your husbands hopeful return from out of the, you will need an overnight caretaker for that precious infant.

#5. Choose this week of all weeks of that child's 9months of life to teach her to fall asleep on her own. (note, this will require listening to her cry, while you cry because you are entirely alone in your house..hoping that your husband is crying too because he is worrying about you guys crying:)


:Please note that without adding all of these things together, you know, doing them seperate from each other, may be much less definentaly takes all five steps to feel maximum hectifization.

Now you all know about my crazy week. Things have only been challenging because of the mixture of hectifiers! Career woman, exposure to single motherhood, new childcare, change in baby's sleeping pattern (and she's teething), husband out of's only Canada, then I'm going to a conference for a few days with dirty clothes which I will pack in Walmart bags because my suitcase is MIA. WHEW!

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  1. Sunny I think it's the fumes from your new house getting to you. Hang in there life will become mundane soon enough :) Love and missed you the way in group we came up with a new word too. When you are in the middle of humilty and arrogance, humiligance. Cool huh? I guess it's the night to make up words :)