July 4, 2007 is what has been happening with me.....
1. Yeah! I hit my pre-pregancy weight on Friday! (I've lost 16lbs!) Praise God
2. It's hot here! (105 today! )
3. I love watching "So you think you can Dance".....I missed it tonight...I'm bummed
4. Did I mention that it is hot here? It's 11pm and my house is 91 degrees! (not to be confused with the boy band 98 degrees!)
5. We celebrated Hannah's 7th birthday last weekend...bowling, pizza, and friends!
6. I miss my mom!
7. Gracey will be 7 months old next Tuesday (holy moly does time fly...that's right...I'm bringing back holy moly!)
8. I am reading the book "Leveraging your Leadership Style" by John Jackson (my pastor)'s really good!
9. I have been challenging myself to dream big, and God is really working in BIG ways in our lives.
10. I think we found a house in Jacks Valley area......1750sq feet, 4bedrooms, beautiful view....pray it works out for us!

Until next time!


  1. Hey Sunny, don't worry...So You Think You Can Dance wasn't on last night...returns July 11. So you haven't missed anything. Whew! I love that show too. :)

  2. I miss you too, honey!! More than you can even imagine. Love, Mom