July 14, 2007

Michael Buble and other tidbits.

What have I been up to? Hmmmm....well...Paul and I got super blessed by our friends Steve and Kirsten (love ya guys), and we were able to go to the Michael Buble concert. It was a really good time. We went in a group of 6 of our friends (that's 8 with us), and stayed out really late! It was the first time away from Gracey for an entire night, which was really hard for me, but I did enjoy time with my husband and other adults! Some of the highlights of the evening were....... friend Tina was driving her Tahoe and we kept going up in the parking garage, all of a sudden the parking spaces started disappearing and we were totally boxed in by construction of some sort.....ooops! So we had to maneuver our way out. I must say, Tina is awesome behind the wheel....then she got us into this teeny weeny parking space in a TAHOE!!! Another tidbit from our evening....this guy tried to jump the rail in front of me at the concert and he was wearing mules (shoes that slip backs.) anyways, his shoe flew off about 15 ft and smacked this guy in the shoulder? The guy was like, "What the shoe?" I could not quit laughing. Can you imagine, you are sitting there minding your own business and out of nowhere you get whacked by a shoe on the shoulder? RANDOM! At least that guy can say that he had a "kickin" time at the concert! (I guess you had to be there)....ok! Well, that's it for now folks. I will post pictures from the concert very soon. Until next time.....

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  1. You forgot about us witnessing the hit and run accident! What a night! : )