June 21, 2007

God loves a cheerful Giver!

Today I was babysitting my dear friends two children....Emily and Caleb. We started talking about birthdays and how Caleb's is coming up really soon. Then, I told them that Hannah's birthday was this saturday and Emily wanted to know what I was going to get her....I told her that I was probably going to get her a karoake machine or something cool like that, depending how much they cost. Emily ran to her room and brought me a handful of change...she said..."Here's all money I want Hannah to get that karoake machine!". I said, "Emily you don't want to give me all your money, what if you need something and you don't have any money left?" She said..."Don't worry, if I need anything, my mom and dad will buy it for me"! I still insisted that she keep her money.....then as I was leaving, she tried to sneak it into my pocket. She was just excited to give her money away! I got to thinking about my own life, my own giving. What if we were all like Emily and we gave away all that we had and said "Don't worry about me, if I need anything, my heavenly father will take care of it for me!" I know that God wants us to be cheerful givers and have faith like a child. God is working all around us, there are lessons everywhere in our daily life, we just need to watch for them. I know that God convicted me today about giving through the mouths of babes! Praise God!

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