April 6, 2007

Easter weekend

Easter weekend is off and running! Tonight we had two successful services, and boy did we have fun doing it. I love praising God. I led worship with my brother Mark and had a great time. (I am going to beg my director (JEANNE) to have two worship leaders on a weekend service sometime.....I think it could be really fun!) Also, I am excited that tomorrow I can say, "tomorrow I am going on vacation!" (my friend Cindy told me that I could just say that I am leaving in 2 days) but it is more fun to say that tomorrow I can say "tomorrow I am going on vacation!" (hopefully someone understood that!) Anyways, about Gracey wore her first Easter dress, and I about cried when I put it on her. She is growing so fast, she will be FOUR MONTHS this week....yikes where does the time go? My baby is the cutest baby ever....especially today...I will post a picture tomorrow. (did I mention I am going on vacation soon?)

So, in a nutshell..this weekend is insane and absolutely wonderful. Church (7 services), packing, and sleeping somewhere in between all that......then vacation. I just know that God is going to do awesome things at CVC this weekend. I am thanking Him in advance for changing lives, and allowing me to be a part it! Speaking of thanking God, He is soooooo good. I have been watching my husband become one heck of a man as he is drawing closer to God. Paul is falling more in love with His saviour everyday, digging into His word, and challenging me to draw closer to God. It is amazing that God continues to draw us closer and closer together as we draw closer and closer to Him. I love my hubby.....and that ain't no lie! :) Paul's heart to serve His Father, and his passion for growing in the word are making me want to draw closer to my Saviour. God is oh so good. Thank you my God, my make my heart sing! I want to draw closer to you, become more like you, and God I want to see you. Thank you for being You and for saving me.

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