August 19, 2009

Put your helmet on!

Our minds are a battlefield some days. Have you ever experienced a day where no matter how hard you try and no matter how much you pray you can't seem to shake negative thinking? Or maybe you can't seem to shake the desire to play with it in your mind over and over? Or maybe you can't stop nursing or justifying your bitterness and it controls your mind all day long? The truth is that our minds are a battlefield at times, I would even suggest that if you are a Christ follower...every day it is a battlefield. The enemy of our souls does not want us to make an impact for Christ, he will do anything and everything to seize you from action, to slow you down, and sometimes he succeeds and stops us in our tracks. I have found the days that I have given in to this battle are the days that I forgot to put my helmet on because I was too tired, figured I was safe, or because I was too busy to stop and spend time with the Lord. But mornings that I am intentional about waking up to be with Jesus, to spend time in the quiet of his creation, or snuggling up with His word...I get my helmet on...and the battle is much easier to fight. The helmet gets me ready for the battle, protects me for battle, and brings victory! Notice, the battle is still there, but we have been given the victory in Christ Jesus, and He gives us all the battle weapons and armor that we need to walk thru each day.

The mind is a battlefield....wake up and put your helmet of salvation on!

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