September 24, 2008

Are you "thinkin" worship?

I am reading a devotional called "Pure Praise" by Dwayne Moore,and last night I read a quote that challenged me. Dwayne writes, "Worship is a lifestyle. It involves everything we do and think and are."

Are your "thoughts" worshiping God? My pastor, Dr. John Jackson, recently taught about "stinkin thinkin" which made our congregation take a look at ungodly beliefs that may be swirling in our heads. These thoughts are often self-condemning thoughts such as, "I am so stupid, I will never amount to anything.", or "I don't belong, i will always be an outsider", etc. I have been working for a year now on replacing ungodly beliefs with beliefs that are based on my identity in Christ...and I still daily bump into beliefs that are not of the Lord. Just today during a meeting I found myself saying "I am not qualified" as i thought "I am not good enough". That is stinkin thinkin!

So, Pastor John's teaching, paired with the devotional I read last night put this into a new perspective for me. You see we don't just honor God with our thoughts about others, or our attitudes, but we are honoring and worshiping Him with our thoughts about who we are in Christ. (or, at least we should be:)) I felt challenged, and tonight I am busy taking thoughts captive, and pressing forward with God-honoring thoughts about who he created me to be. I long to, as Dwayne Moore wrote, "worship him in everything I do, think, and am". What thoughts have you been allowing to swim through your mind that aren't honoring God?

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