May 23, 2008

Re-entering the blog-o-sphere

Did you think I fell off the blog wagon? I am still in, but apparently haven't been doing much of it lately. Here's what you've missed

*just got back from ministry in MT. had a great time traveling with my friend Laura to train a church on STEP ministry and to lead worship. This experience was extremely exciting for me, and gave me a taste of something i really enjoyed (traveling to train and sing!)yes.

*I led worship for the first time ALONE on my guitar! yep,I stepped out in faith and God showed up! I really enjoyed myself and the experience has encouraged me to dig deeper into my study of music theory.

*Gracey is getting 4 molars at the same time, needless to say she is a bit cranky.

*Got to see my boss in a bunny costume for a video shoot this week...priceless! So far, the highlight of my week.

*currently studying "calling" in God's word...will post more soon

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