April 11, 2008

What did it feel like....

I was thinking back tonight, trying to remember what it was like to have my "unchurched" shoes on. Trying to remember what it felt like to know there was a God, but truly believe He must not care for me. What did it feel like, as i sat on my couch night after endless night,eating popcorn and watching "Bridget Jones Diary", or going out to parties, searching to fill a void in my life, searching to find some purpose to go on. What did it feel like when I heard smiling "Christians" talking about their God, their fun "church" functions, their family gatherings. What did it feel like to wonder what their church was like and wish I could be invited because I was too chicken to invite myself. What did it feel like to be an outsider??

And then, what did it feel like to finally be invited? to be wanted at ,this "church"? what did it feel like? what did i see that made me stay, what emotions were stirred up in me? how did people treat me at the church? how did they help me to get plugged in, to find a family of believers?

i think it is critical that we think back and ask ourselves "what did that feel like" or perhaps for you, you don't know that feeling, so ask someone......and then, as you remember that pain, that lonliness, step out of your comfort zone, and invite, invite, invite. Why can't you invite the grocery store clerk, the janitor, the Starbucks employee you see daily, your spouse, your neighbor, the beggar on the corner at Walmart, your co-worker? Because it's uncomfortable? Because you will be rejected (so was Jesus)? What if they said yes, and walked into a Divine appointment in the empty chair next to you at church each Sunday? It won't happen unless WE, as a family, break thru the wall of uncomfortability and ASK.

When was the last time you invited someone to church? I would love to hear stories over the next few weeks about breaking that wall, stepping out, and randomly asking people to attend with you.


  1. Thanks for reminding me how it felt. . . I hadn't actually thought of it in years. I remember the empty feeling, I remember knowing there had to be something more, I remember NOTHING truly satisfied until I surrendered my life to Jesus.

    I don't remember wanting someone to invite me, but this is the comment that impacted my heart tonight. There are people all around us WAITING for us to throw them a rope. . . and the rope is securely wrapped and hanging over my shoulder. . . the rope isn't even worn. . . and I am ashamed.

    My heart is broken for the lost of this valley. . . and I will wear out that rope throwing it. . . starting now. If they say "No" the first time, well, there will just have to be a second time.

    Great post. Thank you Sunny. . . Thank you Lord.

  2. Mike, hey, I am there with you. I wrote this post because I was being totally convicted about my rope not being worn either! Thanks for your affirmation. Blessings