April 3, 2008

Taylor vs.Martin vs. THE HUMMINGBIRD

I've been learning to play guitar for the past several months with my friend Tina, and I must say, we've been having a good time. i have tried to challenge myself each week to learn the chords for the worship set, and it has been going pretty well. Tonight, I have two sweet guitars sitting in front of me in my living room; a $2500 Taylor that is about 10 years old, has obvious signs of aging..nicks, scratches, etc, which add character, and this guitar sounds beautiful,! ....and then i have a beautiful $1500 Martin that is smaller, a bit narrower,prettier,and overall a wee bit more comfortable to play, but honestly, doesn't sound AS good as the Taylor....but very close! I am considering purchasing one of these guitars with my good ol' tax refund, because they are being sold for great prices.....but, I am torn....split down the middle, do I go for the sound, or the feel, or, do I save up for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS, for the vintage SJ200 hummingbird Gibson that I posted earlier today? ($4500, handmade in MT....just like me:))? I know it is best to buy one of the two in front of me, considering that I am not all that good on the guitar yet,not to mention that they are incredible instruments, oh but how I long to hold the hummingbird, and I am convinced that it would turn me into a professional worship leader. He He He, oh, the days of my life....

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