February 10, 2008

He can move the mountains

In 1 Samuel 17, we read about David and Goliath. As I read today, I was, not once did David hestitate on His faith in a God that could take Goliath down...not once, did He lose confidence in His Savior, the Lord of Heaven's Armies. Even when people around him, his own brothers, were scoffing at him and his motives for being at the battlefield that day, he still did not hestitate, he simply collected his "battle gear" (as if some stones and sticks are gear), and he stepped out in faith and obedience to a GOD WHO SAVES. WHOA!!! This made me think of just how often instead of focusing on God's abilities, His greatness, and what He has done in my life and the lives of others, I focus on the "Goliath" in my pathway...and say "There is no way I can do this God, there is no way I can tackle this dude" instead of saying "Great is thy faithfulness Lord, I trust you to work in and thru me, and I WILL NOT FEAR, because I serve a God who saves!"
We are in a prayer series at CVC right now, and I want to challenge you that even in your prayers...go to God with faith, and anticipate that He is a God who saves, a God who can move any mountain (disease, broken relationships, broken families, lost souls, drug addictions, lust addictions, barrenness), and who longs to be real in your life. Let's pray with a faith that will move those mountains!