January 11, 2008

21 Day Journaling Challenge

We are in the middle of a prayer and journaling series right now at CVC. This weekend Pastor John Jackson is going to challenge our congregation to a 21 day journaling challenge. I am really excited about it. I used to journal my prayers all the time when I was in college. This challenge spurred me to go dig thru my old journals. I was amazed at how many of my prayers God has answered, the growth that he has done in me, the amount he has changed my heart. When I first started journaling, my prayers were very focused on me, myself, and I, but as my relationship with Christ matured, I started focusing on His will and not mine. Journaling is powerful because we can look back and see where God has brought us.I hope you will join me in this 21 day journaling/prayer challenge. Let's see what God will do through his peoople when we storm heavens gates!