October 5, 2007

A Red Washcloth kind of day

I once read a book about a red washcloth. HUH? So, this guy (and obviously I am paraphrasing ok) goes on a long business trip, has problem after problem at the airport, misses one flight, gets stuck on another flight with no air conditioning, runs into cranky person after cranky person, misses an important business meeting, then lands in a city that is so hot he can hardly breathe. He gets into a cab, with a cranky driver, again no air conditioning, he is sweating like crazy....(you get the picture.....he is having a baaaaad day!) He arrives at his hotel and this friendly little man hands him a red washcloth. "What's this for" he wonders. The little man says, "To cool you off sir" . He used the washcloth on his hot forehead, and immediately felt relief. The washcloth was finally something positive in his awful day, something unexpected, but wonderful at the same time that helped him shift his a more positive one!

I got to thinking about this today, because I had a red washcloth experience today. I was having a rather....blah day. Not necessarily bad, just blah, and my precious friend Cindy called to offer me a red washcloth....she said..."just called to say I love you". It turned my day around, an unexpected act of kindness....what a blessing.! When was the last time that you offered someone a red washcloth? I am going to try to make sure and offer at least one a day.....I know that Jesus would surely be handing out red washcloths...left and right, actually, he would probably hand out red towels....and I want to be like HIM, don't you?

1 comment:

  1. Sweetheart, I have a red wash cloth for you whenever you need one. You also have been that same comfort that I have needed when things go crazy :)
    Love you much