August 23, 2007

STEP Retreat and other stuff

I have been meaning to blog about my weekend for six days now, but I was struck down with the flu (6 days ago). I tell you what...I have never been so sick in my life. I finally got an IV last night...amazing what a bit of fluid can do for a person! Feeling quite a bit better today, hopefully completely better by this weekend! So, this past weekend I went to a retreat with my fellow steppers at beautiful Lake Tahoe! The weather could not have been more perfect and the setting was delightful. We had awesome food which was a blessing from the Greers and the Langdons (thank you...delicious), sweet fellowship, awe-inspiring worship from the Celebrate Recovery band out of Santa Cruz...WOW!, and great convictions. We spent time working on team-building activities and a strong focus on looking at the personality that God gave each of us and the spiritual gifts that he blessed us with. I am a Wind-Fire personality...makes total sense to me....and my spiritual gifts are leadership, creative communication, and faith. I was blessed this weekend with a freedom from the Lord, a freedom that it is ok to be who he made me to be. All of my quirkiness, passion, forgetfulness, etc...all are part of who GOD made ME! We stayed up into the wee hours of the morning (well some of us that is) playing TABOO. FUN FUN!! I am so competitive. I was exhausted, but I refused to quit until everyone else did. HA HA! I paid for it the next morning when Gracey woke me up! I will blog more about my personality profile later....and with pics of the weekend. Blessings!

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