August 24, 2007

I had no idea

Well, I had absolutely no idea just how young attitudes and fit-throwing started. Precious little Gracie is now 8months and 3weeks and we were shopping at Target today. You see, she is old enough to sit in the front of the cart in a carrier and look around like a "big girl". She reached over the edge of the cart and grabbed a bra ( a very ugly case you were wondering), and when I took it away and said "no-no" little sweet Gracie disappeared. She looked at me and screamed and screamed and screamed. Not crying, flat out screaming. Her face was turning red, and I wondered if the blood vessels would pop out in her neck...but they didn't . I was in total shock. I had no idea how young a child figures that out. WOW! It starts right away huh? I was always under the impression that it was something that happened at two years old.....but, guess I am in for it. I have a daughter that is opinionated (unlike me:)! I have a daughter that loves music, she often sings for me, her daddy, and sometimes even the nursery at church. I have a daughter who now looks at people, bats her eyes and says, "HUH?". I have a daughter that refuses to lay still while you put her diaper on...correction...throws fits when you put her diaper on. I have a daughter that does not like toys, but rather things like the remote control, cell phones, boxes, and other random objects. And now, I have a daughter that throws fits when she doesn't get her way....crazy mad fits! Constantly learning, but loving every day.....peace out!

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