July 27, 2007

He's our Provider and don't you forget it!'s like this....I often have issues letting it all go...trusting my King, even though He is worthy of all of my trust. It's like I feel that somehow I can actually control my circumstances. I go on for awhile....fooling myself, actually believing that I am controlling them just fine....and then I suddenly realize that I am soooo wrong. I especially struggle in the area of trusting Him with my finances and taking care of my family. I act as if I am the one that provides for my family and not Jesus Christ. But, the fact is, this week He is pouring forth His blessings into our ways that I cannot believe. I stand amazed. He can do immeasurably more than we ever imagine asking for! He has given me so much, and yet at times I lack faith! CRAZY!! I know! I am in a place this week thinking to myself..."How could I have ever doubted that He is my PRovider?" God is good....all the time!
I am learning that faith is trusting with no reservations....a "God-can" do attitude ....because HE CAN DO ANYTHING!

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  1. God-Can-Do attitude Love it! Testify Sistah!

    Mark Marsella