May 29, 2007

Kids will be kids!

So, yesterday we had my stepchildren for the weekend, so we finally decided to go and get family pictures done. Mind you, that Paul and I have been planning to do that since we first got married (3 years ago)! I cannot believe it! So, we don't have any family pictures "pre-Gracey"! Ooops!
It was quite the ordeal let me tell ya....we got there at 1pm and the studio was running behind so we had to wait for 30 minutes....the only problem was that Gracey decided it was feeding time and nap time. (an hour earlier than usual). Yikes. So, we had to feed her, which led to her to spit up on her dress (before pics were taken).....and then she started to fall asleep. Deven got upset because he really wanted to go to the swim center and we were "wasting time" getting our pics done!, and Hannah decided she didn't like her shoes so we should buy her new ones before the pictures. Basically, all three of our kids decided that something was wrong, and I was frustrated thinking that we were going to waste our money and that we should probably reschedule until everyone was HAPPY!!! At that moment....the studio technician told us it was our turn. Great! Just Great! All of a sudden a miracle occured....Gracey perked right up and started flirting with us and laughing like crazy, Hannah decided it was going to be cool to not wear shoes in the picture, and Deven was excited to sport his GQ look and assist the photographer in coming up with great poses! voila...we have great family pictures. Now the whole thing is quite humorous...but at the time, I was totally frustrated.! Oh well, kids will be kids!

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