April 26, 2007

Motherhood:One SWEET gift

Paul and I took Gracie to the doctor for her four month well check (although she is almost 5 months). My little angel had to get 3 immunizations today too....ouch! She is a whopping 13lbs! My oh my! The doctor thought she looked great, had incredible head control, and of course...incredible hair. The truth is that her hair is beginning to look a know business up front and party in the back! I just can't bring myself to trim it though. Anyways, Gracie is in the 50th percentile so she is right where she should be. Our little angel is absolutely perfect!

I am so blessed to be a mother. With mothers day coming up soon (hopefully you bought a card for your mother), I have been trying to think of a really great way to bless my mom this year. Once you have a child of your own, you come to appreciate your mother at a deeper level. I am sure that as the years go by I will grow to appreciate my mom even more. I am thankful for my mom for so many reasons.....sleepless nights, her shoulder to puke and drool on, feeding me (also, very important), reading to me, rocking me to sleep, keeping me safe, etc. I can't even imagine how my mom did it....because my mom did it alone, she didn't have an incredible husband to support her, but rather she had to do it alone. She was my provider, late night feeder, diaper changer...etc. There are days with Gracie where I feel like I want to sit and cry, or pull my hair out because I am so tired or frustrated, so I know that my mom must have felt the same way, but she kept on a truckin! (mom, if you happen to read my blog...THANK YOU...I LOVE YOU!)

I am so grateful to Jesus for blessing us with Gracie. I love loving her, changing her, kissing her, watching her sleep, praying with her, etc. I wake up each morning with such joy as I peek at her in her crib....gooing and rolling over. The best part is that I don't have to rush to get ready for work, or to rush her to daycare, but rather I can take my time preparing to spend my day with her.....and even though it is much harder than I have ever worked in my life, it is a joy.


  1. That is just the cutest picture ever!! Of both of you! Yep, it's hard to be a stay at home mommy when you have babies, but it's sooo worth it. You're real good at it too!

  2. You're a Great Mom Sunny... I just wanted you to know... Keep up the good work...!!! :)