April 17, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, we returned to Nevada yesterday evening. It is always wonderful to come home from're excited to sleep in your own bed, have some alone time, take a shower in your own bathroom.....(you don't have to worry if you run out of "tp" because you know where the extras's your house), and can walk around naked if you feel like it (joking...seriously joking!) But....then the reality sets in that you are in fact home and work continues, bills have to get paid, laundry has to get done, groceries have to be bought (which I did today because we had none), etc.. The great thing about being home is your totally comfortable despite the responsibilities that come along with being there. So anyways...we are home!!
Paul is super excited because we came home with a boat that his mom passed on to us. It is not the most fancy boat, but it has a motor and it runs! He is running around here like a little kid, super excited, giddy, etc. We went to Costco today to buy new carpet for it and then at some point in time we are going to put new seats into it because the ones in there are yucky! Now, Paul is anxiously awaiting summer time so that we can take the boat to Topaz or Lahontan. It has been a childhood dream of his to own a boat someday, so hey...God is good! So, we are happy to take all of our friends to the lake this summer....boy will the kids have fun!?

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