March 26, 2007

First Blog...and Free Ice Cream!

Well, I thought maybe that I should get with the times and start a blog of my own. I really enjoy reading my friends blogs.....those who post at least:) , so I thought it was about time that I bring a bit of enjoyment to the world.....with a blog of my own!
Tonight was oh, so fun! Paul and I went to Coldstone Creamery with our great friends Henry, Cindy, Jeanne, and Mark...and it was family fun night. Paul and I ended up getting our ice cream for free (which was fabulous!). Paul and I really can't understand the big deal with Coldstone...sure the environment is pretty fun with the singing and throwing ice cream, but to be completely honest...I don't care to much for the ice cream. friend Cindy will probably smack me for saying that! I would much rather spend half the money and go to Baskin Robbins or heck...get a cone for the whole family for under $5 at McDonald's. Anyways, free ice cream is great though, no matter where you get my words of wisdom for the day are, try to find free ice cream and your tummy will be happy! (oh, so wise!)


  1. Congrats Sunny - now wheres my ice cream :)

  2. Yeah!! A Blog!! (and now that I have a computer again maybe I will post something on mine...)

  3. Now we have to get Cindy to do a blog!!!